In 2011, when the Senate Republicans fought for and won approval of the two-percent property tax cap, it was designed to slam the door on massive property tax hikes and give certainty to seniors and homeowners. The cap also included the promise to continue providing the resources that would help our schools and students succeed. In the years since, taxpayers have saved $23 billion, and funding for education has continued to grow. This year alone, the budget provides a record commitment for schools statewide that, when combined with STAR, totals approximately $29 billion.

As a result, voters in nearly all school districts in New York State have approved their budgets, including every single one of them on Long Island. Seven years ago, enactment of the property tax cap was a signature legislative victory for our Senate Republican Majority. Since then it’s become a victory for taxpayers. Together we have shown that it is possible to reduce New York’s tax burden and continue making smart investments that will support our schools and create better opportunities for our children.

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