NYS Republican Women Senators


Senator Pam Helming

“My 28 years of private sector experience and local government service combined with my passion to serve the people make me uniquely qualified to represent the interests of the citizens of the 54th District. …”

Senate District 54   |   www,pamhelming.com



Senator Betty Little

“We need to do more to ensure fairness for women and prepare the way for the next generation…”

facebook.png/SenatorBettyLittle   |   twitter.png@bettylittle   |   Senate District 45   |   www.Little.nysenate.gov



Senator Kathy Marchione

“Women in New York deserve fairness, equality, and opportunity. For all the progress we have made, many challenges remain…"

facebook.png/Marchione2012   |   twitter.png@kathymarchione   |   Senate District 43   |   www.KathyMarchione.com



Senator Elaine Phillips

“I continue to work hard to reduce property taxes, protect the environment and provide every child with an opportunity to succeed…”

facebook.png/ElainePhillipsforStateSenate  |   twitter.png@senatorphillips  |   Senate District 7   |   www.elainephillips.org


Senator Patty Ritchie

“As a woman, I have seen examples of discrimination, harassment and abuse, and known too many women who have been..."

facebook.png/patty.ritchie.7   |   twitter.png@senatorritchie   |   Senate District 48   |   www.PattyRitchie.com



Senator Sue Serino

 "As a small business owner, I've had to deal with the harsh realities of doing business in New York. Like so many New Yorkers, I was frustrated with high taxes and bureaucratic red tape that always seemed to stand in the way of real progress..."

facebook.png/SenatorSueSerino   |   twitter.png@Sueserino4ny   |   Senate District 41   |   www.SueSerino.com



Senator Cathy Young

“The loud sound that you hear is women across New York State cheering. Ensuring equal pay at the workplace..."

facebook.png/SenatorCathyYoung   |   twitter.png@senatoryoung   |   Senate District 57   |   www.SenatorCathyYoung.com


Making a Difference for Women Throughout New York

The Senate Republicans envision a New York where women are guaranteed the same rights and opportunities as men… where women’s health care is a top priority… and where discrimination, violence and abuse are not tolerated.

From helping women succeed in the workplace, to ensuring quality healthcare for women and families, to combating violence against women, Senate Republicans have always led the effort to enhance the quality of life for women across New York State.

The Senate Republicans have:

  • Passed landmark legislation that has made New York a national leader in the battle against rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence;
  • Helped secure millions of dollars for breast cancer research, education, detection and treatment;
  • Championed legislation to map breast cancer cases in the state to help researchers determine the causes of this deadly disease;
  • Expanded access to mammography screenings;
  • Required health insurance coverage for mastectomies and breast reconstruction surgery;
  • Expanded community-based grants for breast cancer counseling, education and outreach programs;
  • Expanded Medicaid coverage for breast and cervical cancer;
  • Supported funding for critical prenatal and postnatal initiatives, helping to ensure the health of expectant and new moms and their children;
  • Increased funding for the Healthy Families New York initiative (HFNY), which is a voluntary home visiting program for expectant mothers and mothers with newborns;
  • Approved funding for the Nurse Family Partnership Program, which provides low-income, first time mothers with nurse visits throughout the pregnancy;
  • Increased local funding for nutritional services and education programs for pregnant women, infants, and children;
  • Enacted landmark legislation that requires health insurance providers to offer coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder; and
  • Provided support for a wide array of women’s health and wellness initiatives, including breast exams, pap tests, and eating disorder diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Senate Republicans also recently approved a landmark new Women’s Equality Package, which includes a number of groundbreaking measures designed to ensure the health, safety and well-being of women throughout New York. The Women’s Equality package includes important new reforms that will:

  • Ensure equal pay for equal work;
  • Stop sexual harassment in the workplace;
  • Protect women from human trafficking;
  • Strengthen orders of protection;
  • Allow electronic filing of orders of protection;
  • Protect domestic violence victims from discrimination;
  • End workplace pregnancy discrimination;
  • Prohibit workplace discrimination because of family status; and
  • Allow recovery of attorney’s fees in successful sex discrimination cases.

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