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LIPA Rate Increase

Dear Senator Phillips, I am sending you this note to request your intervention with LIPA regarding their proposed electric rate increase. As a senior on a fixed income it is becoming more difficult each year to live on Long Island. Each increase, whether it be in taxes, utility rates, etc. serves to erode our quality of life. You can imagine how frustrated we become when we are informed of a school tax, LIPA or Medicare Part B increase. It seems that there are many hands grabbing at our wallets not to add to it but to remove our life long hard earned money. I hope that you will be able to help prevent this proposed increase and successfully represent mine and the interests of many others in this situation on Long Island. I hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes for a successful, healthy and happy new year. Sincerely, Nick Pennacchio, Mineola

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non-essential state travel

I applaud Governor Cuomo for signing an executive order banning all non-essential state travel to North Carolina. My question is why has he not banned ALL non-essential state travel? I urge New York state legislators to take up this cause and ban all non-essential state travel. Let's quit wasting our tax payers' monies and take this political gimmick away from Governor Cuomo. If we are lucky, we might even help Governor Coumo to focus on New York State problems.

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June Hercules - Animal Abuse is now a Felony and she should be charged

Don't you think after 10 years, these dogs should have a chance with having a GOOD life, you keep giving this women chances to take care of her dogs to no avail... they're are plenty of people who will take these dogs in and give them a good home, where they wont freeze to death. They only have probably another year or two left, on top of that she should be charged for animal abuse/neglect.

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