GOP Accomplishments

Keeping Promises…Delivering Results

After many years of late budgets and dysfunction, Senate Republicans have set partisanship aside and worked to restore people’s faith and confidence that state government is working again. They are addressing the true needs and concerns of taxpayers and pointing our state in a new, positive direction for a brighter future.

For the third consecutive year, the Senate Republican Majority has kept their promise to hardworking New York families by holding the line on wasteful government spending, providing tax relief to individuals and businesses, and helping to create new jobs and a stronger economy across the state.

farmerAgriculture: The Senate Republican’s “Grown in New York” plan will strengthen the state’s largest industry with expanded marketing efforts to promote New York goods and more effective ways of introducing homegrown products into the marketplace.
Crime and Corrections: Senate Republicans have continued to make sure that our neighborhoods are safer through measures that will close loopholes for intoxicated drivers, crack down on rapists and sex offenders with new crimes and penalties, and impose more severe sentences for those who prey on children.

Education: New York schools will see increases in statewide aid to education equaling almost $1 billion, with important requirements that aid be distributed fairly across the state. Local libraries will receive assistance as well, with an almost $4 million increase in aid.
Environmental Conservation: The Senate Republicans have made major investments in the environmental health of our state and our communities with millions of dollars in funding for improvements to our parks, historic locations, environmental clean-up sites, and the protection of open spaces. Polluted property will now be revitalized to attract businesses and economic development projects to otherwise unusable sites.

Energy: The Senate Republicans introduced “Recharge NY” and “Power NY” – important proposals that will promote job creation and retention by reducing energy costs, and encouraging new power generation to help lower rates for New York homeowners.
Good Government: Senate Republicans have set aside unproductive partisan games and reached across the aisle to help provide all New Yorkers with the opportunities to make their dreams a reality.

Health: New York has historically been at the forefront of healthcare delivery, and the Senate Republicans have continued to advocate for innovative programs that build upon this tradition. They have instituted comprehensive reporting requirements to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse, delivered vital funding to some of the State’s most rural hospitals, and preserved the NYS EPIC program, which delivers affordable prescription drugs to our seniors.

graduateHigher Education: By launching the SUNY 2020 program, and fighting for the Start-Up NY program, Senate Republicans have sparked economic growth at our State University centers and ensured that they remain competitive in our global market. Senate Republicans have also made higher education a reality for our young New Yorkers by making college tuition tax deductible.
Hurricane Sandy Relief: Senate Republicans have fought for tax relief, insurance reform, and local support for communities detrimentally impacted by Hurricane Sandy to ensure that families, neighborhoods, and businesses in these areas will come back stronger than ever.

Local Government and Mandate Relief: Senate Republicans successfully delivered mandate relief to strapped localities including pension reform and accelerated federal Medicaid payments that will provide them with greater flexibility and additional monies to help serve their communities.

Property Tax Relief: In addition to securing the landmark two-percent property tax cap, and creating the State’s comprehensive STAR Property Tax Relief program, the Senate Republicans have consistently delivered real alternatives to rising property taxes for New York homeowners. This year, they fought for approximately $3.4 million in STAR funding, increasing monies to the program by $143 million since last year.

Transportation: Residents of upstate and downstate New York will benefit from $21 million in new funding to support public transportation capital investments in order to maintain and update critical services, as well as reduce pressure on fares and tolls.
soldier_jobVeterans: Senate Republicans have continued to stand up for our hometown heroes by fighting for important tax credits for businesses that hire veterans returning home from military service, and critical counseling programs to assist soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.

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