Flanagan's 2016 agenda: 'Jobs, jobs, jobs'

ALBANY— It should come as no surprise that the Senate’s ruling Republican conference will focus on “jobs, jobs, jobs” this legislative session, Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan said Wednesday during his opening remarks, marking the first day of the legislative session.

“The more jobs we create, the more we see economic development, the more revenue we generate in the state of New York,” the Long Island Republican told the chamber. “We can invest it in a wide group of programs and, if we do it properly, we may be actually able to do things like tax cuts.”


On the education front, Flanagan — the former chair of the senate’s education committee — issued an ultimatum: there will be no state budget unless the Gap Elimination Adjustment, a formula that distributed cuts to school districts, is eliminated in its entirety.

As POLITICO New York has previously reported, Flanagan also stressed the importance of organ donations, a personal issue for the majority leader.

On liberal issues, like a hike in the minimum wage, Flanagan urged caution, noting that the chamber has passed legislation to increase the minimum wage in conjunction with the Assembly.

”Until we see an actual proposal... We have to be careful in terms of what we say," Flanagan said about the $15 hourly wage being touted by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Date: 01/07/2016 | By Josefa Velasquez

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