Flanagan response to Cuomo speech focuses on 'jobs, jobs, jobs'

ALBANY — State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan responded to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address by reiterating Republicans' focus on “jobs, jobs jobs” and asking voters not to forget government reforms they've enacted in recent years.


During his 90-minute address on Wednesday, Cuomo proposed an ambitious building program, a plan to combat homelessness, caps on outside income for legislators as well as a system of paid family leave. The governor also unveiled a $145.3 billion budget proposal that increases school aid by just under $1 billion and is balanced with $573 million in payments the governor hopes to squeeze from the city's budget.

“We will approve the budget on time for the sixth year in a row,” Flanagan said in his official response. “We need to do more to encourage economic development and the creation of good-paying jobs.”

Flanagan nodded to Cuomo's ethics proposals by noting the Senate has already voted to seize pensions from lawmakers convicted of felonies and has instituted term limits for its leaders.

“I know many of you are angry and disappointed. Let me be as clear as I can be: we take this seriously and are already hard at work. … but let's not lose sight of the work that's already been done,” Flanagan said.

Here is a video of his message: https://youtu.be/okVQ7pgnchc

By Jimmy Vielkind

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