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Whether we come from a small town, the suburbs or a big city, millions of New Yorkers share the same common goals and aspirations:

  • We all want safe, secure and healthy communities.
  • We want a stronger, more vibrant economy… with thousands of new job opportunities that hold the promise of a brighter future.
  • We want outstanding local schools that truly prepare our children for success… and we want young New Yorkers to have an affordable path to a college education.
  • We want a healthy environment, with clean air and water, beautiful parks and green, wide open spaces.
  • We want a New York where women are guaranteed the same rights and opportunities as men… where women’s health care is a top priority… and where discrimination, violence and abuse are not tolerated.
  • We want a government that is responsible, affordable and accountable -- and that actually helps New Yorkers achieve their dreams.

These goals and priorities that are shared by millions of New Yorkers are also precisely the same goals and priorities that drive the New York State Senate Republican Conference.

Senate Republicans have reduced state spending, and ensured that New York’s government becomes more lean, more efficient and more accountable.



Senate Republicans have reduced state spending, and ensured that New York’s government becomes more lean, more efficient and more accountable.  To view the complete list of NYS Senate Republicans, click here.


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    In 2011, when the Senate Republicans fought for and won approval of the two-percent property tax cap, it was designed to slam the door on massive property tax hikes and give certainty to seniors and homeowners. The cap also included the promise to continue providing the resources that would help our schools and students succeed. In the years since, taxpayers have saved $23 billion, and funding for education has continued to grow. This year alone, the budget provides a record commitment for schools statewide that, when combined with STAR, totals approximately $29 billion.
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    Senate Republicans tout higher number of women in conference

    ALBANY — As Republicans gavel the state Senate into session on Wednesday, they will do so with more female legislators in their ranks than ever before. Seven of the chamber’s 31 Republicans are women — a higher number than in the chamber’s Democratic conference. The turnabout is the result of the retirement of Democratic Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson, the decision of Sen. Marisol Alcantara to caucus with the chamber’s Independent Democratic Conference and the election of Republicans Elaine Phillips and Pam Helming.
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