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Whether we come from a small town, the suburbs or a big city, millions of New Yorkers share the same common goals and aspirations:

  • We all want safe, secure and healthy communities.
  • We want a stronger, more vibrant economy… with thousands of new job opportunities that hold the promise of a brighter future.
  • We want outstanding local schools that truly prepare our children for success… and we want young New Yorkers to have an affordable path to a college education.
  • We want a healthy environment, with clean air and water, beautiful parks and green, wide open spaces.
  • We want a New York where women are guaranteed the same rights and opportunities as men… where women’s health care is a top priority… and where discrimination, violence and abuse are not tolerated.
  • We want a government that is responsible, affordable and accountable -- and that actually helps New Yorkers achieve their dreams.

These goals and priorities that are shared by millions of New Yorkers are also precisely the same goals and priorities that drive the New York State Senate Republican Conference.

Senate Republicans have reduced state spending, and ensured that New York’s government becomes more lean, more efficient and more accountable.



Senate Republicans have reduced state spending, and ensured that New York’s government becomes more lean, more efficient and more accountable.  To view the complete list of NYS Senate Republicans, click here.


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Together we will bring new faces and new voices to support Senate Republicans - and that means a better New York for all of us.

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    Introducing our 2016 Senate Republican Candidates

    Please click on each name below to learn more!


    Helming.pngPAM HELMING


    As your Senator I will work to reduce the property tax burdens and improve the business climate.

    With 28 years of business and 16 years of government experience, I am no stranger to the political arena. In Albany, I will continue to do what I have successfully done for years; make fact based professional decisions that put people first! I will work with my fellow legislators but I will not play games.

    My actions will be driven by the priorities of the people of the 54th district and what is in the best interest of our six counties.






    Jacobs.pngCHRIS JACOBS


    With the state government as a partner and no longer a problem, a state government that empowers local communities instead of being a burden to them, we can continue this positive momentum and achieve the long term comeback Western New Yorkers deserves. So Let’s Get to Work!




    Killian.pngJULIE KILLIAN


    As a mother, a neighbor and a long-time community volunteer, I am deeply concerned about the future of our state. I have raised five children in Westchester County and believe we have a responsibility to do better for our children.

    I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, if you are ready for change and want to join with me in making our government a little smarter and work better for the taxpayer, then I will work with you. We deserve better; we need to demand better. That’s why I’m running for the New York State Senate.




    McGrath.pngCHRIS MCGRATH


    Hard work, determination and perseverance define Chris McGrath. Chris is not a politician and has never before run for elected office. He is a fresh face with a passion to serve his community.

    Chris McGrath has dedicated his life to helping his community. Born and raised in Inwood and now residing in Hewlett, Chris has been a lifelong resident of the Senate District.




    Phillips.pngELAINE PHILLIPS


    I am honored to be nominated to run for the State Senate in the Seventh District, “I believe that, as a member of the State Senate, I would be in a position to continue my work to reduce property taxes, protect the environment and provide every child with an opportunity to succeed.




    Tedisco.pngJIM TEDISCO


    It would be an honor to serve the residents of Upstate as the next state Senator for the 49th State Senate District.

    The Associated Press did a story on effective legislators in state government and noted my success in being able to "break through with ideas that affect New Yorkers."

    Whether it's working across party lines to keep New York open for business, protecting all members of our family or offering new ways to save our tax dollars, my pledge is to continue to be a strong voice to keep New York working. Thank you for your support and may God bless you and your family!





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